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Sistine Chapel chimney could get sootier

The discussions of reform of "THE church" by American journalists ignore several important sociological factors. For most Americans the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) in the U.S. is not an ecclesia (i.e. a church in the original sense) but a "denomination," one among others. Roman Catholics, who often call themselves "Catholics," are no better and no worse, at least in the minds of most citizens, than Presbyterians or, for that matter, Eastern Orthodox Catholics. The medieval idea of the Roman Catholic Church was not that it was one denomination among others.

Sociologist Norbert Wiley on the Pragmatist Notion of the Self as a Process

This is worth seeing. I am very impressed with Norbert Wiley's book The Semiotic Self. I have used it in seminars with advanced students ("senior" fourth year students, M.A. students and Ph.D. students). What Professor Wiley says here is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the depth of understanding in his book. Essentially, he combines insights from C. S.